Friday, 11 April 2014

Final Post

Dear Examiner,

I have thoroughly enjoyed the overall process of creating my magazine. I have learnt a range of skills on and off the computer which will lead to further progress in future.

Sanjay Patel

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Final - Evaluation, Task Six

Final - Evaluation, Task Five

Final - Evaluation, Task Four

Who Would Be Interested In Your Media Product?

When designing H 's (Magazine) I remained loyal to existing magazines conventions that suited my genre. By doing this I was able to create a cover, contents and double page spread that appealed to a primary male audience, with an age bracket of 16-25. I feel that this magazine would attract more male readers because the models I have chosen two male models on my magazine's cover, contents and double page spread. Male readers may feel a connection between the magazine and themselves through similar characteristics or may be later influenced about what they had read or saw.This particular audience that my magazine is aimed at, are known to be called Young Alts (identified by UKTribes), this particular social group have a keen interest in a variety of music from alternative solo/ band musicians to punk/rock or hip-hop. They aim to stay out of mainstream spotlight in regards to their lifestyle choices including music, film and fashion and will do anything to ensure that they stand out from other classes in todays society.
Below are questions that are based around my music magazine, this  has been distributed through social networks to people who I feel, would represent my genre.
  • As A Consumer, Would You Be More Likely To Purchase A Music Magazine That Represented Your Social Class (Indie) OR Something That Was Of Little Interest To You
  • Would You Be More Likely To Buy A Magazine If The Cover Featured A Small Sample Of Bands That You Would Listen To
  • Would You Prefer The Magazine To Feature Other Lifestyle Choices (Fashion, Food, Sport)
  • How Much Would You Pay For A Magazine That Met The Needs Of Your Social Group
  • How Often Would You Buy The Magazine
Many responses that where provided found that many people would be highly encouraged with the type of magazine that I had produced. I had found that many people would prefer to buy a magazine that maybe something most costly and would represent their likes and interests rather something that would be cheap and affordable. This meant that the magazine I had designed would meet the interests of the my social class through the use of bands/ fashion that would be of a particular interest.
I had also found that many people favoured a magazine that includes other elements like fashion, food and sport. This meant that my magazine meet the needs of the social group as I had included music and fashion which was represented through my magazine contents page. On the other hand, I had found that my target group would prefer a monthly magazine rather than a seasonal issue, I feel that having a seasonal issue would mean that would mean that people would be more encouraged to purchase the magazine as they would feel that they are missing out on particular articles that they would be missing out on things before the previous issue.
Ali Richardson is a typical Young Alt, this was be the primary social class that my magazine would  be aimed at
Ali is passionate about social classes, he finds that being a Young Alt allows his to avoid the mainstream spotlight, interested in the music style of the band rather than the personality of the band members Ali finds that the majority of his music taste is filled with UK indie/ alternative artists, however this is only a small sample as his taste can range from indie/ alternative to hip-hop.
At 16/17 Ali has began his first year of A-levels, he has found that the difference between GCSE and the AS courses he has chosen difficult , although through peer tutoring Ali is determined to gain the grades he needs to do Journalism at university.
Both inside and outside of college Ali is always fighting to stay away from the mainstream spotlight, Ali has found that he would rather stand out from the crowd through his choice of individuality. Normally seen in vintage/ handmade/ tie-dyed style clothing Ali finds that remaining minimalist and simple is the best style that would with his quiff hair and skinny jeans.
To support his teenage lifestyle choices, Ali has a part time job and a vintage sweet shop. The small amount of money he earns will often be spent on clothes/ concert tickets with his friends.
As well as this Ali participates in skateboarding as a outdoor activity and is something that both him and his friends enjoy. Influenced by the UK indie genre, Ali hopes to later form a band with his friends and would like to perform gigs around his local town gaining more and more support.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Final - Evaluation, Task Three

The best suited instruction that would be publishing H Magazine would be Bauer Media Group. This is a global institution producing over 300 magazines globally as well as working with TV and radio.
In relation to music magazines Bauer produces alternative magazines such as and KERRANG!. I feel that because these magazines are similar to H Magazine consumers will gain a good impression about the quality and content of what Bauer produce, and as a result with be more encouraged to purchase a new magazine that would be designed find for their particular genre.

As the magazines that are published by Bauer are already aimed at males I feel that my magazine would be highly anticipated by them as I have found that this particular target group are very passionate about the music or lifestyle choice that affect them in their day to day lives.
As a global institution it means that my magazine will be aimed at a people around the world, this would allow me to develop my magazine in further issues, for example including a American indie/ alternative artist featuring on a particular issue of the magazine would attract audiences in a specific region as well as allowing people overseas to listen to the similar style of music (something that my audience is well known for) and resulting in that particular band/ artist gaining a larger fan-base with fans that enjoy their music.

Bauer is also known for working with both TV and radio as well as magazines. This would allow me to promote both music artists that fit my genre as well as my magazine. The channels that Bauer work with are known for planning alternative artists, and therefore I will stand a higher chance of my magazine gaining more recognition.